Bernhard Uhl


For ten years, I have worked with fine artists taking photographs of their art – paintings, sculpture, glasswork, jewelry, and more. I have always enjoyed the creative and technical challenges of this kind of photography.

A few years ago, I worked on a project with an architect, and I quickly realized that buildings are like practical sculpture. Buildings are basically works of art on a larger scale. The same skills and attention to detail that I used to capture the essential nature of fine art pieces can be applied directly to photographing buildings. A building is more complicated than a painting or a crystal vase, but I find that complexity inspiring.

It turns out that I have a knack for architectural photography, and I am focusing more of my time on this kind of work. I enjoy the exploration of possibilities and creating images that convey a strong overall impression and highlight important details. It’s all about finding the right angles and understanding how light and shadow come together to create form.

As I’m working, I approach every photograph with a clear sense of purpose to effectively serve the needs of the client.

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