Painting with Light - Upcoming Show in Seattle

I am very happy to announce the upcoming show. Together with three other street photographers from Seattle, we will show a variety of photographic art. We look forward to seeing you at the opening. If you are in town, swing by and say hello. 



Macy Chadwick | In Cahoots Press | Artists Books

A few days ago I had the opportunity to photograph two of Macy Chadwick's amazing Books. There are books and then there are Macy's Artists Books. It was a new challenge for me shooting books that when opened up completely spread almost to five feet! 

I love challenges like this one and I am looking forward to more. 

Checkout Macy's work here



Shooting Glasswork - II

This is another wonderful piece of Glass art from Jesse Bach. This time I used a different background and a different technique to get a good result of the shot. 


Shooting Glasswork

I was recently shooting some glasswork for Jesse Bach. It is quite a challenge to shoot glass! It took me several hours to get the lighting on this vase right. I am looking forward to getting Jesse’s next creations to photograph.