Seattle Artist Janet Miller

When I started unpacking Janet Miller's work to photograph it, my first thought was "This is amazing! Great work!" I really enjoyed photographing Janet's work. It brought some Seattle history into my studio. If you are interested to see more of Janet's work, visit her shop on Etsy. It also shows all the other photographs I took of her work. 


Painting with Light - Upcoming Show in Seattle

I am very happy to announce the upcoming show. Together with three other street photographers from Seattle, we will show a variety of photographic art. We look forward to seeing you at the opening. If you are in town, swing by and say hello. 



Macy Chadwick | In Cahoots Press | Artists Books

A few days ago I had the opportunity to photograph two of Macy Chadwick's amazing Books. There are books and then there are Macy's Artists Books. It was a new challenge for me shooting books that when opened up completely spread almost to five feet! 

I love challenges like this one and I am looking forward to more. 

Checkout Macy's work here



Shooting Glasswork - II

This is another wonderful piece of Glass art from Jesse Bach. This time I used a different background and a different technique to get a good result of the shot. 


Shooting Glasswork

I was recently shooting some glasswork for Jesse Bach. It is quite a challenge to shoot glass! It took me several hours to get the lighting on this vase right. I am looking forward to getting Jesse’s next creations to photograph.